My name is Lillie, I am a second year media production student at Coventry University.

I’m 20 and from a little town called Market Rasen in Lincolnshire in the middle of the countryside! I’ve loved coming to live in the city so close to a major city like Birmingham, it has certainly opened my eyes to how fast paced things can be, although it is nice to go back to the countryside every now and then.

I’m not 100% where I want to be within the media just yet but TV production seems to be coming up on top at the minute! During a TV studio project last year, I loved the thrill of the pressure to keep to timings during a live TV show and everyone had their own individual, important role to play.

I love to explore various historical buildings and sites, another thing I would love to do is work on a period drama, seeing the cast dressed up in all the gear and seeing how they would of lived (sort of!).

I have a strong love for animals, I’ve always grown up with dogs and in the past 6 years or so, alpacas have become part of life due to my dad and his partner starting a new venture! Although the Highland Cow will always be my favourite!

Sorry for the ramble! X


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