201mc: Exhibition Day

For the exhibition day we had a 30 minute slot to showcase what we had been doing.We wanted to focus strongly on our Salvation Army video and the work that they do in the UK and across the world. During planning the day we decided that Sam, Kennedy and I would speak about how The Salvation Army was founded and also some facts and figures about homelessness in the UK. We were lucky to have arranged for our contact from Harnall Lifehouse to come and talk about the work they do to go alongside the video we produced. We had also sourced a video around the history of The Salvation Army and what they do all around the world. We secured the TV studio as our exhibition space we made it more practical for us to play sound through the audio system which made it more effective. We wanted the space to be as dark as possible so that when the lights were turned onto us individually when we were talking this would look more effective.

When it came to the day itself we didn’t use our time efficiently in terms of setting up quickly so we could have rehearsals. Luckily the day before we were allowed into the studio to put up our black out material and try the lights which helped us in terms of timing on the day. Reflecting on the setting up we should have allowed ourselves enough time to have a practice so that we knew the exact timings and how long things would be. Also I feel there was a lack of communication between the organisers of the day and our group as we were under the impression our starting time was 12pm however audience members were turning up at 11.30am while we were still getting ready so we had to turn them away which made it feel less professional.

Overall our showcase went well, we had a little blip at the start where the music ended before we anticipated which then led to a few minutes of silence as we were waiting for the next piece of sound to play. This was due to how rushed we were and not communicating with Shaun properly as he was helping us out in the gallery of the TV studio. However after this there were no other problems and the rest of the time went smoothly and got a good reaction from the audience. Below is a short video of us setting up and also some of our exhibition.


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