201mc: External Client Video

The second part of the module was to find an external client and meet their requirements, as a group we discussed possible clients and decided to take a few days to see if we could find anyone. We were very lucky to be approached by a programme co-ordinator from Harnall Lifehouse which is run by The Salvation Army to create a short documentary/promotional video for them. With the life house being in Coventry this made things easier for us logistically and with Sam having volunteered there previously this helped with contacts. We planned the filming day and had a team of five people, which looking back was maybe a bit big however we worked with it and acted professionally.

We learnt from our mistakes from the sports videos and ensured we had the correct forms/permissions etc. We had planned interviews with three people that worked there, a Chaplin, a support worker and a cleaner who is a recovering alcoholic and was willing to talk about how The Salvation Army had helped him personally. Before going to the Lifehouse we planned exactly what we wanted to film and how we were going to set up the interviews and a rough idea of questions, we decided to use 3-point lighting to create an effective and professional look to the interviews.

Filming was a great success, the footage we acquired was good and we were all happy, we all worked together professionally and created a comfortable environment for the interviewees. I feel it is very important when working with people not familiar with cameras, sound equipment, lighting etc. that you make them feel comfortable to open up and speak freely without being intimidated by the environment and I feel we achieved this. We all had clearly defined roles and stuck to them, no one took over our didn’t know what they were doing. Below are pictures from the filming process.

After filming, our editor Sam took the footage and sat down with the client to ensure the final product was going in the direction that they wanted. Upon finishing the final video we got great feedback and the finished product received recognition from the local regional team and the headquarters in London. Hearing this was a great feeling, knowing we had done a good job and they were pleased with the outcomes made me very proud. Reflecting on where we started as a team creating the sports videos we have come a long way in terms of creating a product efficiently and professionally. I feel this project helped me develop professionally in terms of having a clear role in a team and boosted my confidence in working with other people outside of the course.


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