201mc: Sports Promotional Videos

Unfortunately I had missed the first session of the professional experience module so I was already a little behind with my group. However I soon became up to speed and when we were given our sports we began planning to film and so on. Our first initial deadline was the 16th November and we wanted to get as much footage as we could. Unfortunately our first opportunity for filming the badminton in the end had to be cancelled due to not having the proper disclosure forms whereby we did not have the correct consent from all those being filmed. This gave us a bit of a set back although was a lesson for us moving forward, we had to ensure we had the correct permissions and so on. This task was good in that although it was still a client it was an internal client rather than an external professional client. This process gave us a good insight into how to manage our time and follow the correct procedures in order to become professionals.

Overall the majority of the team worked well together, we delegated who was doing what at what time e.g. we weren’t all there at filming times because this would be too many people and overwhelming for those being filmed also we would get in each others way. For a lot of us we had never worked together before, in my opinion this worked well to develop us professionally as this is how it would be “in the real world”. This was my first insight into working to make a product for a client, I enjoyed having Sam as a leader, he was confident in what we were doing and could be relied upon to be the main point of contact with the client. He is also a very good editor and edited our final videos.

Below are our promotional videos for badminton and cricket.




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